Our product offer is directed mainly to specialized centres and electrophysiology laboratories dealing with broadly understood heart diagnostics. We offer specialized equipment for diagnostic and heart ablation procedures. Our offer also includes disposable equipment for vascular surgery procedures, such as embolectomy catheters and equipment for urology, such as resectoscopy electrodes.

Important part of our offer is the disposable equipment manufactured for DNA genetic testing. We offer sets for collecting genetic material for testing, enabling early detection of the body’s tendency to inherit diseases, establishing paternity and affinity. Our offer also includes sets dedicated to the needs of forensics for collecting and securing biological traces from crime scenes, including sexual crimes.



Vascular surgery



In the scope of free processing capacity, we offer plastic processing services with the use of extrusion method and injecting method of such materials as: polystyrene, polypropylene polyvinyl chloride, polyamide, polyurethane, polycarbonate, PET, PEEK. This form of cooperation has been used for years by many known companies manufacturing their products for medicine, motorization, horticulture, construction, electronics and pneumatics.


We are open to all forms of cooperation in the field of broad collaboration. Our offer is addressed to companies interested in launching their production with us for the needs and requirements specified by the customer. Production on the principle of “Made in Hagmed for …”.
The scope of co-operation, depending on the needs, may include all development phases of the project, including:

  • Design process
  • Making a prototype
  • Development of technology
  • Development of full documentation
  • Certification and registration of the project
  • Production

We have experienced technical staff, the potential and infrastructure including rooms for clean production according to ISO-7 standard.

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