HAGMED – Laureate of the XXVI edition of the competition “Employer – Safe Work Organizer”

On November 13, 2019, the “Employer – Safe Work Organizer ” competition was adjudicated. The competition was organized by the National Labor Inspectorate. The companies participating in the competition, depending on their employment, were divided into 3 categories
of companies employing:

  • up to 50 employees
  • from 51-250 employees
  • and employing over 250 employees.

The following aspects were assessed: health and safety in the company, accident rate at work, compliance with the provisions on employment, training, preventive examinations and investment outlays for improving safety and working conditions.

In the competition in its category, Hagmed won the prestigious 1st place in the Łódź Province. It is already the second prize in this Competition. In 2009, the company achieved the same, i. e. 1st place, then still in the category as a small enterprise.

New CE certificates

From April 15, 2019, we use new CE certificates. All products currently on the market marked with the CE 1011 mark issued by the EMKI Notified Body (from Hungary) remain

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