Electrophysiological electrode extension cables

Electrophysiological electrode extension cables are used to connect electrophysiological electrodes (ablation electrodes, diagnostic electrodes for cardiac electrophysiology and electrodes for temporary cardiac pacing) to electrophysiological medical devices, to transfer radio frequency current from medical electrophysiological devices (ablators) to the heart, or to transfer charges/electrical potentials between the heart and electrophysiological medical devices (electrophysiological systems, pacemakers), as part of the ongoing procedures for treating cardiac arrhythmias.

Electrophysiological electrode extension cables are sterile medical devices, either disposable or reusable. Extension cables ensure safe and stable transfer of radiofrequency current electrophysiological medical devices to the heart; and safe and stable transfer of electrical charges/potentials between the heart and medical electrophysiological devices.

Reusable electrophysiological electrode extension cables are intended for a maximum of eleven uses, provided that their full mechanical and electrical efficiency is maintained. Re-sterilization process of extension cables, repeated for maximum of ten times, should be performed using the gas method with ethylene oxide.

Electrophysiology electrode extension cables should only be used with electrophysiology electrodes manufactured by Hagmed. Information on compatibility of individual types of extension cables with electrophysiological electrodes and electrophysiological medical devices are included in the instructions for use and the catalog of electrophysiological electrodes manufactured by HAGMED.

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