Electrophysiology diagnostic electrodes

Electrodes are used to recables intracardiac potentials and to temporarily stimulate the heart as a part of an invasive diagnostic electrophysiological examination of the heart (EPS).

Electrodes are sterile, disposable medical devices. Electrodes are visible in X-ray imaging and are fully biocompatible. With the use of dedicated HAGMED diagnostic electrode extension cables, electrodes are compatible with most clinically used electrophysiological systems

Electrodes are characterized by safe and easy insertion and positioning in cavities of the heart. Steerable electrodes are characterized by optimal steerability and geometry of the distal tip. These electrodes are characterized by high ergonomics of the control handle and autoblock shape of the distal tip. Electrodes ensure safe and stable transfer of electric charges/potentials between the heart and the electrophysiological system.



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